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Digital Re-Launch

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

New website, new social media, new pricelist and new digital roadmap.

We thought it was about time that we bring ourselves up to date with the world. Beginning with the re-launch of our website, a new style in keeping with our new digital pricelist we hope this gives our current customers a point of reference to what we do and to keep up with any new changes or potential future improvements.

Along with the new features for trade customers on the site, we also have a new non-trade customers section where we will be highlighting just a couple of our customers that non-trade can use to get their personal projects up and running. If you would like your trade business featuring on this page, please get in touch, and we will see what we can work out for you.

We will be using this news feed along with email updates to our currently registered trade customers to keep people in the loop with any changes we will make and to get feedback on potential changes, if you're not already registered head to the Trade Orders page to get yourself signed up.


Social Media

With our digital launch we wanted social media to be at the forefront and whilst the website may be our flagship, our social media pages will be the stars of the show. Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn will be the places to go or send your customers for anything from a behind the scenes to how some things are manufactured to general inspiration. On these pages we will post some of our products pre-installation and post installation with images provided from some of our Trade customers, who will also be tagged and credited, so you can check out more of their work.

Facebook will be the heavy hitter and will feature the most diverse range of content from polls to posts and general community interactions, we will use this as our quickest point of contact for new information to opportunities like last minute slots to book a job in with us to highlighting new board ranges and products hitting the market.

Instagram will be our pretty but dumb friend, we will feature any visual kitchen/bedroom/bathroom inspiration and some aesthetically pleasing 'how it's made' style content to spend hours scrolling away... well hopefully.

LinkedIn will be the more formal network, we will use this for purely business content and important information and changes that we may go through. This will be the less flashy but more direct platform for the information we put out there.

We hope you follow us and interact with us on all these platforms, however failing that there will be something for everyone on one of our social outlets.



The pièce de résistance of the new roadmap is our new colourful pricelist (soon to be digitally available on our website). With more units, more sizes and a whole new components section, we hope this pricelist will offer both our trade customers and their customers something that's a little easier to read and easier to understand.

With a comprehensive section breakdown and contents page for each section, we hope this new format will make planning and pricing your next project that bit smoother. Featuring accurate diagrams of each unit you will have a much clearer view of how the units will look and be made, of course we will still be offering bespoke alterations to any of these products, however with the wider range of units and components you may not need to.

A new addition to the pricelist is the spec sheet section in the back, there you will find diagrams for working out some trickier units such as diagonal and splayed units. Using these spec sheets will make pricing and planning your project much easier. As always if you want to get in touch with us to work anything out we will be happy to help and give that personal touch


Moving Forward

We hope to use these new platforms to keep you our customers and any prospective customers in the loop with anything new that may be coming from us in the future. Our main goal from this is to bridge the gap a little more with what we can do and what people know we can do, there seems to be a lot out there that people don't know we can create and with these new platforms we can inform you, and you can offer your customers a plethora of options to make their project truly unique and perfect for them.

Thank-you from everyone here at Trinity Kitchens, we look forward to what the future holds.


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